Introducing Myself

First of all im introducing my self to you :. my name is Elie im 16 years old and i live in Lebanon and im trully happy to inform you that finnaly together we Kicked SYRIA out of LEBANON and we are happy. It begans with : One day on 14th February on valantines day our xPrimeMinistry was in a meeting in DownTown befor 15 min of his death he looked at his watch and he laghed ... then after the meeting he went out with his 7 black GMC armord cars out with 2 ministry 1 of theme was called Bassel Flaihan he was an important ministry and the other didnt know who was he and when he arrived to Solidaire a big explosion happend all 7 armord cars was destroyed and the explosion exploded under the car of our xPrimeMinistry i was at school doing my exmas my frenche exams it was about 12 :45 we heard a big sound even we are about 30 km far or much so when the day is finished my friend told me that Rafic Al Hariri died i told him go to ur home idiot and get some sleep and it was true when i went home i saw on tv people burning but how the cars were destroyed we heard the sound even this very important person has a device costs 1 million dollar that disables any bomb any transmission and any cell like 3 person in the world have these devices and those people are , : GeroGes Boush, Rafic Al Hariri , and the Bin Talal so this explosion was not an ordinary explosion it was about 800 kg of explosion and Chemical bombs were used in this explosion and the bomb was detonated manually by the old ways thats what the military said did as u see theme in the cartoons anyways 7 cars were burned can u imagin that armord metal burned and Rafic didnt die fastly he was wearing an armor but his stomache explode and they toke him to the AUB college there was like a professor it was the nearest building can help the professor said he is dead but some people said that when the professor said this Rafic moved his eyes in a direction up and down so he can prove to him that no i am not dead and the other ministry Bassel didnt die he burned up to 95 % of all his body he was automaticly take to a hospital in France he lived up to 2 weeks 3 max lebanon's people prayd for him to stay alive to tell the truth to tell who did the explosion bcz b4 the explosion hariri was talkin with someone on the phone and to prove that syria was the one who did all this befor 1 week of the explosion syrian people were working in the exact location of the explosion but under the ground and that place could not be accesed by anyone else if he took the permission of the near hotel the St Georges hotel who was destroyed with the explosion because it was the only way to go under the ground and the most important thing there was an force of compression under the ground who made a 5 meters hole and over 2 km glass was broken can u imagine 2 km 's all the way glass is broken i wouldnt and 5 persons were dead 3 of theme died by the explosion but the 4th was found in his office under his desk dead and his wife told the secretery i want to see my husband she didnt let her in so we think he was murderd and the fifth his family is searching for him they searched 2 days and they wanted to search in a place near the beach but the police didnt allow theme to but after 2 days they wen there and they found him under 10 cm on sand holding a cell and his finguer is up and he was murderd too i think these two has seen somthing no one saw . Ok now thats all for today ill tell you more about this story later ok bye.

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