Ok people im back from my exams wish me good luck and thank for all the help and the comments of course and im back with some news.
Ok lets continue the story after the dead of Rafic al hariri his sister Bahiyya was very upset and wanted revenge and Walid Beik Jonblat the leader of Mouaarada was preparing for a demonstrations against Omar Karame the other Prime Ministry they wanted him to quit but in the begining he refused , so, the first demonstrations happend and it was a nice demonstrations most of the ppl went and the Lebanese Forces too like u couldnt step into downtown for 2 or 3 days it was really crowdy u couldnt put ur feet there olmost after 2 days they started to put tents and sleep there like it was da bomb :D of course i didnt sleep there but we went down after 2 or 3 days Omar Karame quited and the Mouaarada put the resposability on Syria that she killed Rafic al hariri now here comes the turn of the Mouwallet.
Mouwallet wanted to go and demonstrat too so they went and started to invite like passing with cars and saying it on a loud voice and they were 500 000 human in downtown but they were unlucky cz it started to rain ( poor theme ) but they made a mistake and started to invite now its time to Mouaarada to make a demonstrations ( it was like a game u do a demonstrations and go with 500 000 then we do demonstrations and we go with 1000000 ) and they invited it looked like a mass invite u can belive it we were ONE MILLION AND 500000 HUMAN PEOPLE in downtown we came by : sea , land , even someoftheme AIR maybe but it was Huge ( if someone wants the pic just gimme an addie x_denis_X_satan@hotmail.com ) and in this demonstrations and some pressure on syria to go out with some Zoom In Zoom Out Syria OuT :P yea yea .
  1. Ok what happend next? ull see Al hariri famili decided to put the son of Rafic al hariri Bahaa Al Hariri to enter politicy and to go into election and stuff . So b4 the elections Michel Aoun came to lebanon from the exile after 15 years and vistied the leader of the lebanese forces Dr Samir GeaGea and a 15 min conv happend or 30 min
  2. Explosions : After all these things we have seen explosions someone blowed a Christian radio and an explosio who killed the reporter of Al Nahar Newspaper Samir asir and someone imp named Georges Hewe both of theme were killed in the same way a bomb under the chair too bad for theme
  3. ok thats all for tonight more info soon


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